Revenue Forecasting

Why do you need Revenue Forecasting

Financial projections estimate the amount of revenue and revenue that will be generated in a future period and are used to determine how the company should allocate its budget in future periods. Unlike budgeting, the financial forecast does not analyze the discrepancy between financial forecasts and actual performance. Budgeting quantifies the revenue the company intends to generate in the future. 

To be able to create an accurate budget, you first need to generate a sales forecast for your company. Whether you are in fixed or working capital, financial forecasts help you make accurate predictions about what your business needs to succeed. Our experts provide your company with a range of financial forecasts, depending on what you need. Learn from our financial analysts and gain the deep insights needed to make smart decisions faster.

Why should you have Oregonized Accounts help with your revenue forecasting? 

Revenue forecasting is not a guessing game.  It is not something that you will make up or spend only a short amount of time on.  As previously described, there are many factors that will influence the forecast.  It is not ideal to be wrong when it comes to revenue forecasting, as important decisions may be made based on these predictions.  Oregonized Accounts can take into consideration your business’s entire financial picture, including past trends, to come up with a reasonable forecast that you can feel comfortable with.  

An accurate forecast has many benefits beyond predicting cash flow.  Revenue forecasting can help you make more strategic decisions in your business to generate maximum profit.  Improved production, streamlined sales processes, better access to capital,  and more are all benefits of revenue forecasting.


Revenue Forecasting for Your Company

The most important inputs of the forecast include the estimated future sales, earnings, profit, expenses and sales years for the current year. Financial forecasts help you assess the additional assets needed to support rising revenues. You should include estimates of future revenue growth, costs and expenses for each of the key areas of your business.


Revenue Forecast for Investors

Creditors and investors will also want to see future financial data reflecting expectations for revenue and profits. Although no revenue forecast will ever be 100% accurate to the penny, you can make a very educated guess. To get the most out of the sales forecast, use the data you have, be aware of factors that could affect income and cash flow, and be willing to ask for help from someone who is in your shoes. This data will be able to provide a forecast of the future that alone would be impossible to predict.

Professional Revenue Forecasting Services in Bend, OR

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