Profit & Loss Statements

What Your Profit & Loss Statement Says About Your Business

Most profit and loss statements are complicated, depending on the nature of the business. You may need to account for depreciation (aging) of equipment, or unusual one-time expenses or gains, such as legal expenses or an unexpected windfall.

Profit and loss statements can provide detailed information about your company’s income and expenses, even a simple profit and loss account can provide a convenient window through which you can see your company’s financial situation.

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Profit and loss statements, also known as income statements, shows a picture of your business’s revenue and expenses for a particular period of time.  Ultimately, you will know the “bottom line” for your business which is profit after deducting all operating expenses, cost of goods sold, taxes, and more.  The bottom line is an important indicator for the financial health of your company.  Allowing our team at Oregonized Accounts in Bend, Oregon handle your profit and loss statements ensures that no revenue or expense will go unaccounted for.  Our accounting experts will thoroughly evaluate your books and provide a detailed and accurate income report. 

An accurate profit and loss statement will allow you to evaluate your current business practices and see where you can make improvements.  Perhaps you will see an area where you can cut costs or redirect funds.  You may also see an area that triggers an idea for new growth and increased earnings.  Comparing profit and loss statements from different time periods can also provide valuable data and cue you in to certain trends in your business.  


Complete profit and loss statements for your business

Profit and loss statements are designed to reflect the profitability of your business over a given period of time. They are based on a number of factors including sales, profit and loss and other factors. In other words, profit and loss accounts tell you whether a company is making money or not.


Plan Your Business Ahead

You can determine how much income to be profitable in a time period by using a profit and loss statement, this allows you to see exactly where your business stands in terms of profits through profit and loss statements, which in turn allows you to make better business decisions.

Profit and loss calculations provide you with a detailed picture of your company’s income and expenses, as well as the profits and losses you have made or lost with your product or service. You can use profit and loss statements to determine where the company is missing revenue or spending too much.

Professional Profit & Loss Statements Services in Bend, OR

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