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Payroll Tax Payment Services in Bend, OR

One of the most important tasks of payroll tax assistance is to ensure that all federal payroll taxes are filed in accordance with the IRS requirements. Many employers face the IRS every year to pay overdue payroll taxes.

Oregonized Accounts LLC creates payroll cards for employees, offers direct deposits, pays employer taxes and handles new hires. We allow you to complete payroll online and we take care of reporting to the IRS and other federal and state tax authorities.

Payroll tax can be a complicated subject and is highly variable based on your state. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable in state and federal payroll tax laws to provide you the most comprehensive benefits for payroll tax payments. As your business grows, you may even be required to make quarterly tax payments or estimated tax payments. Improper tax filing, withholding, or payments may subject you to penalties from the IRS. If DIY payroll tax sounds like a daunting task, let us take it off your to-do list.


Keep Track of Your Payroll Tax

Payroll taxes are paid directly by employers to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and deducted directly from employees “income. If employees pay income tax only, payroll taxes are paid in the form of a payroll tax return.

We make sure to keep an eye on all payments, deductions and withholding and make sure your business is audited so that state and federal payroll tax forms are filed correctly and on time, tax payments are transferred and tax returns are filed.


Should you handle your own payroll taxes?

Many business owners have been asking us if they should just do their payroll tax themselves and risk facing the IRS. We highly recommend hiring professionals to help, Oregonized Accounts LLC has the experience and knowledge to provide your company with professional payroll tax payment.

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Professional Payroll Tax Payment Services For Your Business

If you need payroll tax payment services, let Oregonized Accounts LLC help you understand your payroll needs and offer solutions.

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