Accounts Payable

How Accounts Payable Services Works

Payment accounts were manually maintained via computers and databases in the past, but today they are increasingly common in the digital age. More and more companies are switching to electronic invoicing services to automate their payment processing. An example of the bills to be paid is when a company hires an outside company to do its cleaning.

Our Accounts Payable services ensure that your bills are paid correctly and on time.  Processing and reconciling invoices can be tedious, which is why we are here to help. Call us today and our team of professional accountants will provide you with a free consultation.

Accounts payable is one of the best processes to outsource to Oregonized Accounts.  It requires experience and attention to detail, which is precisely what our accounting professionals can offer you.  You don’t have to worry about having piles of invoices lying around, or remembering which you have paid and which you have not.  

As a business owner, sometimes these financial tasks can fall through the cracks.  Setting bills on auto-pay can save time in the short term but it is essential to still be keeping track of your accounts payable in an organized platform.  Your growing business will likely begin to have more and more vendors that demand your time and attention for payments.  Let Oregonized Accounts take some of the stress of your shoulders and handle this for you.  

Additionally, having an accurate ledger of your business expenses is an important foundation upon which your overall financial snapshot is built.


Benefits of Accounts Payable Services

Under the right circumstances, outsourcing accounts is a service with tangible benefits that provides ongoing value to your business. By retrieving as many reports as possible and focusing on the accounting processes that flow through a combination of people and software, you help transform your paper business online into live data.

With the help from our team, your company can turn your payable and outstanding invoices into improvements in the company’s profit.


We Handle All Your accounts Payable Processes

Our services can also be a great solution for companies that do not have the time or resources to change their internal AP processes. In this way, outsourcing of payment obligations provides companies that do not have this ability to completely replicate their current or outdated AP process.

No matter what accounting system you use, the best outsourcing companies have the tools to integrate it. By using our established accounts payable services, you have the ability to have everything in your account, from invoices to liabilities.

Professional Accounts Payable Services in Bend, OR

Outsourcing accounts payable processes can help businesses gain an edge in their industry without the need for a system overhaul. It can also streamline your internal accounting processes for better efficiency. Oregonized Accounts LLC strives to provide professional and courteous service, prompt payments, and compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.

Call us now at 541-279-5983 to learn about accounts payable and other accounting services in Bend, OR.

Tax Compliance

We work with national accounting firms and corporations to provide our clients with comprehensive tax payment processing for sales and use tax, property tax, telecom tax and business regulation and license fees.

Vendor Portal

Vendor portals allows vendors to access information on payments immediately. With a vendor portal, they can download, forward, and print submitted invoices without having to go through your department.

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing helps improve accuracy, by allowing the invoice data to be drawn directly from the vendor's accounting systems. Enhance compliance and reduce costs with electronic invoicing process.

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